Are you trying to determine if remote work is best for your company? There are many advantages (to both the company and its employees) to offer a virtual work environment. Understanding the benefits of a remote work environment and learning how to create a successful virtual workspace can help the company and its employees thrive.  

10 Benefits of Remote Work  

Whether the remote work is temporary or permanent, there are many advantages that benefit both the company and its employees.

Remote workspace benefits include: 

  1. Company Benefit – Reduced operating costs
  2. Company Benefit – Enlarged access to talent across the country 
  3. Company Benefit – Expanded customer markets without increased expenses 
  4. Company Benefit – Increased work productivity 
  5. Company Benefit – More efficient company meetings 
  6. Employee Benefit – Offer a flexible work/life balance 
  7. Employee Benefit – Provide a customizable and flexible work schedule  
  8. Employee Benefit – Reduced or no daily work commute 
  9. Employee Benefit – Money savings from reduced travel and wardrobe costs 
  10. Employee Benefit – Avoid office politics 

5 Tips to Create a Successful Remote Workspace 

Creating a proactive and adaptable workspace can help you conduct your business efficiently. Here are five tips you can put into place to create a thriving work environment for your team. 

#1 Develop Personal Boundaries 

Help your employees create boundaries in their work and personal lives by:

  • Creating a dedicated “workspace.” 
  • Scheduling breaks away from their computer. 
  • Planning time/activities before work begins and after it ends. 

#2 Communicate Work Performance 

Clearly explain how remote work performance will be evaluated to understand their responsibility and what’s expected of them. 

#3 Provide Guidance 

Create an environment where you can provide guidance and support. It takes time to adapt to a remote work arrangement. Understanding the employee’s needs will make for a successful transition. 

#4 Express Appreciation 

When you don’t see someone every day, small comments of appreciation or gratitude can go unsaid. Make sure to incorporate that as part of your remote environment routine. 

You can express your appreciation by: 

  • Verbally praising accomplishments, character, or personality. 
  • Making sure to have a non-business conversation (even if it’s for a few minutes before the meeting).
  • Providing assistance or guidance on a work project.
  • Showing appreciation by giving small gifts (a gift card, paid time off, etc.). 

#5 Utilize Technology 

There are plenty of online platforms and tools that can help teams to communicate and collaborate easily. 

Virtual/remote tool options are:

  • Digital collaboration 
  • File sharing 
  • Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Protocols 
  • Performance management 
  • Project management 
  • Peer communication 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Voice over internet (VoIP)

Becoming and Maintaining a Proactive Remote Workspace

Creating and maintaining a proactive workspace will help to keep your business running efficiently. You will need to use the above information to evaluate your business needs. Then determine the best practices to incorporate into your company. 

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