In-person and virtual meetings are valuable tools for businesses. Productive meetings help to create a collaborative, positive work culture and grow your bottom line. Productive meetings work well whether your team meets in the office or over Zoom. Brainstorming meetings, huddles, and postmortem meetings will improve your planning and develop effective communication.

3 Advantages of Face to Face Meetings and Virtual Meetings

Strategically plan your meetings, including determining which team members should attend and who should receive a follow-up meeting summary. Intentional and well-planned meetings will help you streamline decision-making and problem-solving processes. Additionally, it will help with forward planning and create a culture of effective communication among team members. 

Here are three company benefits from conducting organized, in-person, or online meetings. 

1. Positive Company Culture 

Build a culture where your team enjoys and looks forward to attending meetings because they see value in the meeting. Rather than creating a “this meeting does not pertain to me” mindset. 

2. Increase Work Efficiency 

Purposely planned meetings will help prevent multiple email questions or following up on deadlines/updates from each person. Meaningful and measurable discussions will eliminate wasted time, maximize productivity, and improve a team’s overall performance. 

3. Grow Your Bottom Line 

Grow the company’s bottom line with well-planned, organized meetings. There is significant data that shows poorly organized meetings can negatively impact the bottom line. In a 2019 report, Doodle analyzed over 19 million 2019 meetings. The results showed disorganized meetings cost U.S. companies $399 billion

3 Types of Productive Meetings

Brainstorms, huddles, and postmortem meetings are three types of meetings. They can improve productivity, develop effective communication, and increase forward planning.

1. Brainstorm Meetings 

Brainstorm meetings bring a group together for a specific purpose. This meeting is helpful when problem-solving or brainstorming new ideas. If you need to make a quick solution, this meeting can help provide multiple points of view on the topic. 

Brainstorm meetings benefits are: 

  • Generate new, innovative ideas
  • Evaluate potential outcomes 
  • Create clear, action steps 
  • Solve problems 
  • Unlock creativity 

Meeting participants should include:

  • “Outside-the-box” thinkers 
  • Team members who can contribute to the discussion 
  • Team members from various departments 

2. Meeting Huddles

Quick 15 minute meetings (aka huddles) help to communicate information on a specific topic. 

Meeting topics could include:

  • Sharing updates.
  • Checking on a project’s timeframe.
  • Even celebrating an individual or team win. 

Keep these ground rules in mind to ensure a successful meeting.  

  • Starting and ending the meeting on time
  • Meeting time limit  
  • Sharing wins and losses
  • Staying on the topic (no backstories) 
  • Asking for help when needed 
  • Don’t try to problem-solve  

3. Postmortem Meetings

For companies that want to grow, postmortem meetings review a completed project and determine what can make future projects better. 

Ask these questions to improve the learning experience. 

  • What did we do well?
  • What did we learn?
  • What should we do differently next time?
  • What do we still need to work on?
  • How can we do better next time?

These two rules of engagement will help to avoid solely focusing on negative or positive outcomes. 

Keep the Atmosphere Light 

Focus on encouraging others, don’t point out individual mistakes (that discussion is for a one-on-one meeting).

Don’t Get Personal 

Focus on addressing what worked and what didn’t, avoid placing blame. 

Be Purposeful 

Overall, the benefits of in-person and online business meetings help to improve a company’s culture and work productivity. Organized meetings help to strengthen the company’s bottom line. While creating an environment where your team enjoys and looks forward to business meetings. 

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