Choosing the right marketing agency for you can sometimes feel overwhelming. In a perfect world, the first agency you meet with will be the best fit for your company. But sometimes finding the best company for you takes time and research.

Prepare ahead and compile a list of “must-haves,” determine your marketing needs, and understand why a marketing agency is the best fit for you. All of that information will help streamline your search and help you find the best fit. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Top Marketing Agency for You

Does your in-house marketing team need additional help? Does it make sense to work with a marketing company for your needs? It’s essential to understand what’s important when evaluating a marketing agency. 

Here are five tips on what to look for when choosing the top marketing agency for you. 

1. Open Communication and Transparency 

Pay attention to how the marketing team communicates with you from the first contact with them. Do they respond timely? Are they talking through your goals during the meeting? Do they check in with you regarding any questions?

You should feel heard and be confident when you communicate your needs with them that your needs are understood and your goals will be accomplished.  

2. Real Results 

Ask how the agency will evaluate the success of each marketing effort. The agency should be data-driven and provide actual numbers, if applicable, on the results from each project. Numbers could include monthly sales totals, conversion rates, new leads, website visits, etc. At the end of the month, you should know what the marketing team accomplished. 

3. Multiskilled Team

Check to see if the marketing team is willing to try new efforts and experiment with new marketing ideas. Ask for examples of past projects that show the agency can “think outside the box.”

4. A Trusted Reputation

Words and numbers are powerful. Ask for client testimonials and hard numbers from past campaign projects (ROI and performance metrics). 

5. Up to Date on Industry Changes

Marketing tools are constantly changing; how do they stay current on these changes? A successful marketing agency can explain how they stay current on industry trends and updates related to their services. This includes SEO updates, social media changes, content marketing methods, and more. 

3 Things to Determine Before Hiring a Marketing Agency 

Many marketing agencies will vie for your business. Save yourself the time and confusion by determining your needs first. Your requirements will help you find the best agency to fit with your company and culture.

Determine these three needs before meeting with a marketing agency. 

1. Know Your Goals

Before you meet with a potential marketing company, do your homework. Write a plan with a clear idea and goals you want to achieve for your company (more sales, more publicity, a website design, etc.). This plan will help you to evaluate a potential relationship with the agency. If you decide to move forward, those goals will help you assess the marketing agency’s success. 

2. Determine the Marketing Services You Want 

Do you want one specific service? If so, consider an agency that focuses on that one service. Do you want multiple marketing services and prefer to work with a one-stop-shop? Look for an agency that offers a wide range of services to help provide consistent, branded marketing strategies for you. 

3. Set Expectations 

Determine how much involvement you want to have with the agency. Do you want to be part of every step during the project? Do you prefer a weekly update and then approve the final version? This will help to set you and the agency up for a successful working relationship. 

3 Reasons Why a Marketing Agency is the Best Choice

The top marketing agency can work with your current team and become a solid addition to your company. A powerful marketing agency team brings ideas, expertise, insights, and results to the table. 

Here are three beneficial reasons to work with an agency.

1. More Ideas with Objective Insight 

Sometimes companies are so involved in their marketing efforts they could develop tunnel vision. A marketing agency is a sounding board for ideas, evaluate a marketing strategy’s effectiveness, pinpoint flaws, or bring creative ideas. 

2. Access to Marketing Specialists and Successful Infrastructure 

You will have access to diverse and talented individuals, including content writers, graphic designers, developers, SEO experts, and more. Agency experts have a proven success process that will keep your goals on track, budget, and time. 

3. Capable of Scaling with your Growing Business

A successful marketing agency is able to quickly scale and shift marketing objectives as your business changes or grows.  They will help to problem-solve and offer direction to achieve your goals every step of the way. 

Your Marketing Powerhouse 

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