The AMPED Advertising Strategy

Capture your customers’ hearts and minds AND increase your revenue and market share through advertising in a way that’s measurable and effective.

Our agile approach to advertising has proven to work with all our customers. Whether you connect with your audience digitally or through print, the AMPED team will develop a unique advertising strategy that will bring you more profit. All with tangible results you can quantify.

Existing PPC or SEM campaign? Just getting started?
Let us turn your clicks into conversions!

Do you need top-of-mind awareness or need to generate leads?

It's time to reach your customers from the palm of their hand!

Paid Search Ads

Google processes billions of searches per day. Do you know if your company is in the top results? Those billions of searches make Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC), Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Google Ads a valued and profitable marketing tactic.

When you work with the AMPED team, we’ll make sure your company is so much more than the #1 result. We make sure your paid search marketing clicks convert to revenue.

Social Media

Social media users decide if and when they want to engage with a brand on social media, meaning you must be more creative than ever with your marketing. The AMPED strategy uses research and insight to understand the ins-and-outs of your brand. 

We use that knowledge to understand the consumer’s behavior to communicate the message and CTAs effectively through various social media platforms.


Text messages or SMS messages are a great marketing tool to serve your customers. SMS significantly increases the percentage of customers who open and read your message because… it’s in the palm of their hand!

Are you ready to start your SMS campaign? Ready to hand over the responsibility to someone else? Contact AMPED and we will create, manage, and organize content for all your SMS needs.


Measurable Results

Do you need top-of-mind awareness or need to generate leads?

Do you want to retarget customers and guide them through the buying process?

Native Ads

The AMPED native advertising strategy creates robust and compelling ads that will reach your target audience. We will make sure your message is formatted and styled for the specific platform you want your brand promoted on.  

Display Ads

Display ads are an excellent method to help attract your audience wherever they go online. At AMPED we create, design, and implement display ads that deliver results. We will work with you to design advertisements that will result in user click-through to your website or landing page.

Print Ads

Even in a digital world, we know advertisements can stand out from the crowd. We will design one-of-a-kind materials that reflect your brand’s personality every single time.

Choose from:

    • Direct Mail Postcards
    • Brochures & Fliers
    • Newsletters 
    • Event Marketing 
    • In-store Promotions
    • Store Signage 
    • Loyalty & Reward Programs
    • Sales Materials
    • Trade Publication Marketing

Do you want to share your message on YouTube, Hulu, traditional television, or another platform?


Whichever form of broadcast you want to use to reach your audience, you must do it quickly. Attention spans are shorter than ever before.

To help grab the viewer’s attention, we will create a video that:

    • Has a CTA within the first 5-10 seconds 
    • Showcases your company logo shows with the first 5 seconds 
    • Keeps your message clear and direct
    • Assists you in selecting the right platform to share your mission
    • Keeps you within budget

Share your message directly with your audience!

Outdoor Ads

Create immediate awareness for your company by promoting it outdoors for everyone to see. Select from printed billboards; digital billboards; bus benches; interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis, and business vehicles; and movie theaters.

The AMPED team will work with you to select the best locations and craft an irresistible message to connect with your target market.


Direct Mail

Communicate directly with your customers by direct mail. From start to finish, we will help to determine the best target audience for your message, design the materials, print and address them, and mail everything for you. 

We will send direct mail pieces to any mailing list, including B2B, birthdays, current customers, new movers, pet owners, renters, homeowners, first-time home buyers, high-income households, new parents, and more. 

What would an AMPED advertising strategy achieve for you?