The AMPED Awareness Strategy

The AMPED Brand Marketing Strategy

AMPED can help you achieve your business goals by maximizing your brand awareness. We will make sure your company and brand are noticed AND remembered by the right audience at the right time. A consistent brand image helps to build trust with your audience and produce leads. Let us share your brand’s strong, consistent message, whether it’s through a blog post, graphic, or social post.

Do you know how to make sure your brand is top of mind?

We make sure your brand style compliments your marketing strategy

Your company’s brand will build trust, increase awareness, and result in a loyal customer following.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition happens quickly. Glancing at a package, a website, image, or any marketing tactic should easily show the audience it’s YOUR brand. The AMPED team will work with you to develop and implement a consistent brand image and voice.

Do you need assistance with getting started on a brand image? Or do you already know who your brand is and need some help to solidify it? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Connect with us, and we will help build and grow your brand recognition with your target audience! 

At AMPED, we make sure your brand style is consistent.

Brand Recall

Brand guidelines help to ensure your messaging gets measurable results. Making sure your brand is the first recalled in memory requires a distinct, authoritative voice. 

A company brand can include: 

    • A mission and vision statement
    • Core values 
    • Specific font(s)
    • Heading size(s)
    • Logo color(s)
    • Tone of voice in all communications (blogs, emails, social posts, etc.) 
    • Color palettes 
    • Company graphics 
    • Brand imagery in photos used to depict your company’s products and services

Don’t Settle For Less

Influencer Marketing for B2C and B2B Companies

Most people trust the word of someone they know, making influencer marketing more valuable than ever. Whether you need a B2C or B2B influencer marketing strategy, AMPED is the solution for you.

Influencer marketing helps to:

    • Build credibility (for your company and products/service)
    • Generate leads
    • Boost sales
    • Raise brand awareness 

Part of the AMPED influencer marketing strategy includes:

    • Program set-up
    • Research and identification 
    • Influencer outreach
    • Partnership on web content, social media, etc.
    • Monitor tracking and analytics 

Measurable Results

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Does your target audience recall your brand over the competition? At AMPED we create a marketing strategy that will attract leads and retain loyal customers. We use a combination of content marketing, social media, SEO, graphic design, and much more to tailor fit your awareness goals.

Generate Success

Product Placement

Gone are the days when product placement was just for television. Finding influencers in your industry or influencers who speak directly to your target audience is what gets results. Make your customers’ phones do the work for you. 

We will dive into our extensive lists of resources to find the best individual or group that can shine a spotlight on your brand — as authentically as possible — while targeting your audience directly where they are.

Are you launching a new brand? Are you reviving an old one?

Whether you are starting fresh or bringing life back to your legacy brand, the AMPED team can create an awareness marketing strategy for you. Let’s work together to make your target demographic aware of your products or services … and then falls in love with them.