Auld Brothers Branding and marketing strategy

Creating a New Brand Identity While Preserving An Established Name and Reputation


A masculine brand that needed a feminine touch due to a change in ownership.


To build a new brand without losing the established brand equity.


A cohesive brand identity that highlights the new female ownership and direction, while still holding true to the companies established past.

A Brand Identity that Captures You and Reflects Your Busniess Goals

When you brainstorm with the AMPED team, we discover where lightning strikes and illuminate your unique brand identity. Our team of top designers, strategists, and copy creators pull together each element of your brand to ensure it’s strong, well defined, and will speak to your customer base.

SEO Lead Generation Through Curated Industry Relevant Blog and Ad Postings

After researching your industry, competitors, and target demographic, in combination with your goals and budget, the AMPED SEO team goes to work to create a custom strategy to achieve a strong ROI.


What would an AMPED marketing strategy achieve for you?