Peter Gonzalez Student Athlete Branding

Peter Gonzalez is an ambitious football player with his eyes on playing for a Big 10, Big 12, ACC, SEC, or PAC12 college. He reached out to AMPED for website creation, design services, and personal branding to increase his chances of being found by college recruiters through having a professional and effective website.


Gonzalez needed to develop both a personal brand and a website that would aid in marketing him towards recruiters. He needed help highlighting his achievements and aspirations on his website while promoting him to college recruiters as a highly desirable candidate.


The goal of Gonzalez’s website was to promote his personal brand, increasing connections and leads with college recruiters while showing his values and reputation as a person and player.


Peter Gonzalez had a professional website to send recruiters to and he has received 13 D1 offers.

Jaime and the AMPED team were a pleasure to work with. They came up with fresh and thoughtful ideas. They really paid a lot of attention to detail. They made the process go very smoothly and were very patient with us as well. I think the biggest testament is how they worked with our teenage son. They made him feel very at ease and captured very well how he wanted himself represented. He was apprehensive when the project started but by the end was very comfortable with the AMPED team, with the process and loved the way the website turned out. We have gotten many compliments from college coaches on Peter‘s website. Definitely worth the investment!

– Mandy Gonzalez

A New Brand Identity Calls For a Fresh New Website

When designing Gonzalez’s website, we focused on featuring his accomplishments, aspirations, and core values through strong visual usages such as big hero videos and bolded goals. Highlighting these features helped us develop a solid personal brand that promoted him as both a person and an athlete. Additionally, by creating relevant and easily navigable pages, we were able to clearly and concisely highlight relevant information for potential college recruiters.

AMPED!! Thank you so much for the amazing website for our son Peter. The AMPED team made the process very seamless. Many coaches have commented about Peter website. It’s been a great resource for them to familiarize themselves with Peter as a young person, along with his goals an aspirations. Since the site launch, Peter has received multiple division one football scholarship offers. He is only a sophomore and we are AMPED about his future. Thank you!!!

– Pete Gonzalez


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