The AMPED Demo Strategy

For some, seeing is believing. Let them try it, so they will buy it. 

Engage your customers with product demonstrations! In-store product demo services are a fun and engaging way to increase brand and product awareness, gain new customers, and boost sales. The AMPED product demo strategy will boost your retail presence, improve sales, and build rapport with your audience.

The ultimate demo strategy

Boost your retail presence, improve sales, and build rapport with your audience.

Boost Retail Presence

Influence Customers’ Decisions with the AMPED Demo Strategy

For some people, seeing is believing. So let them try your product or service and watch your sales increase! The AMPED team will create an engaging promotional and marketing strategy that displays your product’s benefits in new and unique ways. 

We can help you with:

    • Demo ideas and innovation 
    • Finding event staff for demo events 
    • Insight and analytics 
    • Logistics expertise 
    • Marketing and branding support
    • Pre-event consulting 

Brand Loyalty

10 Benefits of Product and Service Demos

Product and service demonstrations:

    • Increases your brand awareness 

    • Allows you to engage and interact with customers

    • Helps you to gauge customers’ opinions 

    • Provides ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ options for customers 

    • Combats product-related concerns 

    • Offers a first-hand experience 

    • Increases sale conversion rates 

    • Drives brand loyalty 

    • Helps with the launch of a new product 

    • Educates the stores’ managers and staff on your product or service

In-Store Product Demo Services

The AMPED in-store demonstrations allow you to showcase and promote your products directly to customers at the point of purchase, which improves sales. Our product demo strategy makes sure your product stands apart from others and leaves favorable impressions with current and potential customers.

Food and Beverage Sampling

Sampling food and beverage products is a compelling strategy to increase sales while incentivizing customers with a free sample. 

Food and beverage sampling benefits:

    • Customers taste your product, which is an experience they will remember
    • Customers experience what makes your product different from the competition
    • Educate customers about specific ingredients or processes that distinguish your product
    • Lead them to make a faster purchase decision

Events and Trade Shows Demos

Whether it’s a B2B or B2C trade show or event, attendees will visit a booth to see new products and learn how well they work. Plus, people want to see if your products or services do what you claim, so this is a great time to demonstate your value. 

Events help you capture significant attention in a short period which can increase leads and sales. We can help you set up your products and services demos at a variety of events, including:

    • Conferences 

    • Conventions 

    • Fairs 

    • Festivals 

    • Fitness and wellness events 

    • Trade Shows

Service Demonstrations

Provide your customers with a first-hand experience of the services you offer. Service demonstrations show the value you provide and why you’re the top choice over others. 

At AMPED we can help you organize and set up service demonstrations for:

    • Computer software
    • Gaming systems 
    • Golf swings demos
    • And more!

Online Demos

Technology provides us with the ability to offer demonstrations in a virtual environment. Whether it’s a live or pre-recorded demo, viewers can watch your product or service in an up-close format to see its value! The AMPED team can help you organize, market, and prepare your online product and service demos.

What would an AMPED demo achieve for you?