Design & Branding

The AMPED Design & Branding Strategy

Brilliant Design, fonts, and color. Brand voice, tone, image, and guides.

Let us bring life to your ideas! We cover B2B and B2C projects for all print and digital design for branding projects, including logos, packaging, social media, billboards, emails, and much more!

Let us bring life to your ideas!

Is it time to bring your brand to life?

Bring the Personality

Brand Identity

At AMPED we provide a full range of branding services. We will create a brand identity, complete with voice and tone, to accompany the company’s vision, mission, and core values that will appeal to your audience.

Do you need to start from the beginning?

The AMPED team, will work with you through all branding steps:

    • Discovery
    • Market research
    • Focus groups
    • Brand positioning
    • Designing
    • Development and launch

Do you already have a brand identity and it just needs revamping?

We will focus on updates to enhance your brand image. Then create a brand identity plan to match your needs.


Package Design

When you send your products to consumers, prospects, or retail stores, they should surpass the competition’s packaging. We will develop a package design that will showcase your brand. 

Need help with structural design?

Ensure the package design enhances the buyer’s experience. We will assist in material research and selection by helping to create a smart and functional package. 

Does your packaging reflect your company’s image?

Creative Direction

Are you currently in the process of a branding project but at a creative loss? Free up your time and let our creative minds help.

The AMPED team can serve as your creative director and oversee all the guiding pieces. We will meet your end goal and the bottom-line will look better than you imagined. 


Do you need a writer that understands your industry, customers, business, and goals? Well, the AMPED team provides what you need! Our writers will dive into your business world to make sure we understand everything, including the competition. And we will create stand-out content.

We provide all forms of content including:

    • Unique value proposition/unique selling point 
    • Taglines
    • Jingles
    • SEO
    • Product descriptions 
    • Blog posts 
    • Email marketing 
    • Newsletters 
    • White papers
    • Social media posts 

Direct, Engaging, Results-Driven Content

Website Design

Specific keywords and keyword phrases are what search engines look for when someone researches a topic, i.e., it helps you to rank high on search engine results. 

Are you ready to create an optimized website or improve on your current one?

At AMPED we will help create your ideal website design, content layout, and graphic placement. Then we will fill your website with high-value SEO content.

Most companies already have a website. Did you know if no one takes care of the updates or content on the backend, it will quickly become out of date for SEO? We will manage your website to ensure it ranks high in search engine results.

We will manage your:

    • Analytics 
    • SEO content 
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns 
    • Conversion tracking 
    • Website backend updates 
    • Content and graphic changes 
    • Any other changes you need 

We will also regularly monitor your competition’s campaigns and SEO activity.

Color Psychology

Colors unconsciously impact a consumer’s decision to purchase an item or even learn more about it. When selecting colors for your brand or various marketing efforts, it needs to represent the message you want to convey.

How do I determine the best colors to use?

The AMPED team will conduct research and help determine the best colors to associate with your brand.

We will consider:

  • Brand colors 
  • Brand fonts
  • Brand designs 
  • How well can the color(s) be incorporated with other various colors? 
  • What tone do the colors represent? 
  • What reaction should your audience have when seeing your brand?  

What would an AMPED design and branding strategy achieve for you?