The AMPED Education Strategy

AMPED Educational Strategy with Content Creation Services. We don’t just curate; we create and cultivate. 

Stand out from the crowd and become an industry authority with an educational marketing strategy. Educational content marketing provides tremendous value to readers and can help you grow your credibility as an industry leader. 

At AMPED we approach your educational marketing strategy through our content creation services. Our marketing content focuses on educating your prospects and customers about your valuable services and products while generating leads.

Education Content Creation

Grow your credibility as an industry leader.

Educational Marketing

AMPED Educational Marketing Content Creation Services

At AMPED we help make your company an authoritative leader with our content creation services. Educate your readers through various content forms, including:

    • Blog posts
    • Case studies 
    • How-to guides 
    • Newsletters
    • Seminars 
    • Webinars 
    • Website content
    • White papers
    • Educational videos

At AMPED we don’t just curate content; we create and cultivate it. Our content services will help you grow as an expert in your industry.

Developing Your Company Authority

Many companies (both B2B and B2C) offer educational content to their audiences, but they don’t curate the content to become an industry leader. The AMPED team creates your content with the intent of helping you become recognized as an expert and educator.

We can develop your authority in the market as:

    • Experts
    • Mentors
    • Teachers 
    • Thought Leaders

Strategic Case Studies

Every project or sale tells its own unique story about the value added and the problems solved. At AMPED we use our strategic storytelling skills to give your company a voice. We share content on how your company can help others to win.

Company Branded Checklists

Checklists are a valuable and popular tool for many different topics. At AMPED we will create helpful checklists for your audiences. We will ensure each checklist is branded with your company information. That way, you’re always in front of your audience.  

Educational Videos

Videos are growing in popularity as the go-to source for information. So at AMPED we can create company videos that are geared towards your audience, including:

    • Attention-grabbing introductions 
    • Content that will successfully convey your message
    • Formatted correctly to meet the video platform requirements 
    • Videos for both internal and external use as needed

Expert How-To Guides

If your services or products have specific instructions, a how-to guide is a great educational resource. We can write the content and brand it with your company information to keep your company information in front of your audience.

Seminar Discussions

Seminar content educates the audience on a service or product with a specific example or situation. The AMPED team can create a seminar discussion guide, full seminar papers, or graphics that illustrate your point to help you educate your target audience.

Webinar Marketing

Educate your audience and showcase your products or services with live or on-demand webinars. At AMPED we can help you with all or part of your webinar marketing strategy. Including creating content, webinar promotion, tracking leads, and audience engagement.

White Papers

White papers provide your readers with an in-depth report that presents a problem and provides a solution (solution = your product or service). White papers include more detailed and educational information. These content pieces make it normal to require the person’s email address to download the content. White papers are an excellent source for capturing high-quality leads.

What would an AMPED educational marketing strategy achieve for you?