The AMPED Marketing Strategy

We crack the sky with fast, bold, impactful, and unique marketing. You CAN be both fast and creative; agile and disciplined; aggressive and friendly.

We will identify, connect, and engage your customers and target audience using data-driven decisions. When you choose the AMPED team for your marketing strategies and messaging, you can expect excellent results with long-term success.

Our data-driven decisions will increase your revenue, profit, and market share with measurable impact.

Consistently Exceeding customer expectations

Bold. Disciplined. Impactful. Unique.

Outbound Marketing

Reach decision-makers through many marketing channels. Select from personalized blog posts, press releases, customized emails, social media content, case studies, and more. Our outbound marketing tools and strategies are more than words on a screen or paper. We select and determine the best content to engage, inform, and provoke emotion. We aren’t just selling your products and services, we’re sharing your vision and promises.

Traditional Marketing

We understand the value that traditional marketing provides, and we have the expertise and knowledge to use it to your advantage. We will communicate your brand’s message and value through graphics that define your brand. Then transform it through printed displays, advertisements, and mailings.

Inbound Marketing

There is significant value in carefully crafted and targeted content with inbound marketing strategies. We will create a system tailored to your business needs. Our marketing includes using a combination of blog articles, press releases, emails, and SEO keywords to engage your buyers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to take advantage of using online tools to communicate with your audience or increase your current digital efforts? We will work together to determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

A customized digital marketing plan can include increasing your:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Landing Pages
    • Link Building/Earning
    • Content Marketing (eBooks, White papers, guides)
    • Video Production
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Website Design

Measurable Results

Content Marketing

Do you want to be the expert for your audience? Do you want to provide your existing customers with up-to-date information they actually care about? Tell us what matters, and we will create and distribute content that precisely fits your needs. 

Do you want third-party platforms sharing and distributing your content? We handle everything from community and media relations to blogger outreach and influencer marketing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can improve the quality and quantity of website traffic organically. Our SEO specialists will research and find the top-performing keywords for your business, then our content team will craft unique, quality content using those keywords. We will provide ongoing keyword research so that your SEO content continually appears in online search results.


Increase website visitors with Pay-Per-Click advertising that explicitly targets potential customers looking for your products or services. We will conduct initial keyword research and monitor it to continue to use the best keywords for your PPC campaign.

Email Marketing

Is it time to revamp your company’s email platform or create an email platform? We will develop a content strategy calendar to determine your brand’s message and how often to send emails to your audience. We also set up and create email drip campaigns for lead nurturing. We will perform routine, monthly email maintenance to ensure your audience list is clean and always up to date.

Project Management

Do you need to free up your time to focus on more valuable work? Do you need assistance with an upcoming project? We can take the reins on a current or forthcoming project by leading your team to victory. We will ensure deadlines are met, maintain organization, achieve project goals, and complete necessary criteria all within the project timeline.

Marketing Plan Development

Is it time to update your marketing plan? Do you need a corporate identity developed or are you looking to double your business in the next 2 years? We will have in-depth, detailed meeting to make sure we cover all aspects of your goals.

We will also develop a focused strategy that includes business insight and target audience development to make certain you’re on track to achieve your business objectives.

What would an AMPED marketing atmosphere achieve for you?