The AMPED Media Strategy

AMPED is more than a media company. We find conduits for your communication through the most effective channels.

AMPED is all about getting the right content in front of the right audience at the right time. We do far more than create great media. We understand your brand and bring your story to life. We navigate the various media platforms to determine which one is best for your content and messaging.

Our media strategy will generate leads and sales for you, and that’s what media planning is all about at AMPED!

AMPED — Media that's impactful and brilliantly disruptive

We analyze numerous online and offline media channels to find the platforms that will work best for your content and messaging.

bring your story to life

Digital Media Services

As digital media continues to grow, connecting to your audience on various internet platforms can increase your online success.

Some online media sources available include the following:


Do you need content that will appeal to your audience while meeting your business goals? You’re in the right place. The AMPED content creation team will write content that your audience wants to know and content that Google users are searching for online. The AMPED blogs focus on top-performing industry keywords that will help your company continually appear in online search results.

Now your blogs can convey information and have real, measurable results!

Email Marketing

Let us revamp or develop an email marketing strategy for you.  We can coordinate monthly newsletters, run targeted email campaigns, set up email drip campaigns for lead nurturing, and more.

Additionally, we can take care of your daily and monthly email needs, including:

  • Creating a content strategy calendar
  • Performing email maintenance
  • Monitoring email reports to increase open and click rates


Do you want to reach online gaming users with your products or services? The AMPED team can help you reach your audience. Once we understand your business, your target audience’s demographics, and your goals, we can start gaming advertising. We will:

    • Find the best games for your ads
    • Create engaging ad content (graphics or videos)
    • Find the best time/days to run your ads


Suppose your target audience is on the go and prefers listening to their information instead of reading. In that case, podcasts might be the best online platform for you. At AMPED we will work with you to develop a podcast campaign.

A podcast campaign builds you:

    • Content on current news or hot topics
    • Authority as an expert
    • Trust with your audience  

Social Media

Social media helps to add a personal connection with your audience and company. Our social media team can create social media ads to target your audience’s demographic based on age, interests, location, and relationship status.


our website can be a significant asset to your business. Make sure you have a website that works hard to win you more business. We can build or update your website to rank high on organic Google search results using SEO. 

The AMPED team will create a visually appealing site with informative, specific copy to target the information your audience wants to know.

Traditional Measures

Offline Media Sources

Even as digital media grows, offline traditional media sources still offer tremendous value. We will help to determine which offline channels can provide the most value to your targeted audience.

Offline media sources include:


Billboards generate massive attention and immediate brand awareness. Printed and digital billboards can communicate your messaging in unique, compelling ways.


People will typically hold onto magazines longer after reading them and can easily be targeted to your specific demographic.


Depending on your target demographic, printed media channels such as newspapers are a powerful way to share messages. There are audience groups that read the news daily and share this information with others.


Radio ads are great for local advertising and are a very cost-effective method. Combining your radio ads with another media channel (like social media, email blasts, etc.) can increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

Television, Commercials, and Streaming Platforms

Television can quickly and easily share your content and messaging through broadcasts and commercials as a highly visual media channel.

What would an AMPED media strategy accomplish for you?