The AMPED Publicity and Marketing Strategy

It’s more than a mention. Shaping opinion and swaying behavior through planned and purposeful publicity.

Publicity is free brand awareness. A successful publicity strategy builds credibility for you and your product — as long as your content is captivating, relevant, timely, and provides helpful information. Our publicity services are valuable for authors, artists, athletes, and companies.

The AMPED team goes beyond the basics with the most advanced publicity services. Our publicity efforts don’t “just happen”; every decision we make at AMPED is data driven.

Let us bring life to your ideas!

At AMPED We Will Make You Newsworthy

Finding what’s right for you

Publicity Marketing Services

You can raise your company’s visibility through multiple types of publicity and marketing, including:

    • Collaboration with another person or company 
    • Expert quotes in industry publications
    • News stories or interviews 
    • Self-authored articles
    • Speaking events 

A Worthwhile Strategy

Publicity is an affordable strategy to share your story without the added costs of paid marketing ads. 

The AMPED publicity services can help you:

    • Sell your product or service
    • Build brand awareness on products, services, or people 
    • Create an ongoing conversation with your target audience 
    • Educate your target audience on the solutions you provide 
    • Increase participation with a promotion or an event 
    • Motivate prospects or customers to visit your website

Affordable Book Publicity Services

Our book publicity services will help you sell your books and brand you as a leader. Our affordable book publicity services are customizable to fit your specific needs while making you stand out from the crowd.

Major Company Announcements

Do you have a new product, service, or initiative you need to launch? If so, the AMPED team has our “Go to Market” announcement strategy that we can customize according to your goals. 

We will:

    • Create a detailed timeline and schedule with all platforms releasing the announcement 
    • Determine the best story angles based on the media coverage and the audience 
    • Find and plan for any potential contingencies 
    • Implement social listening so we can effectively capture the target audience’s attention 
    • Keep you updated every step of the way with planning, development, execution and results

Content Through Articles and Headlines

Company blogs, press releases, interview articles, and more are a great way to grab attention to your products, services, or business. You will have access to AMPED’s content marketing team to craft your content. 

We will work with third-party platforms to share and distribute your content. We handle everything from community and media relations to blogger outreach and influencer marketing. 

With a simple press release, our customer gained local news coverage reaching thousands of prospects at a fraction of the cost of paid advertising in that same market.

Favorable Interviews

Interviews can increase your audience reach while creating interest and building awareness for your product, service, or company. At AMPED we do the legwork to find you the best industry journalists for your interviews. Then we will help you determine the best person, location, and platform to select and help you prepare for the interview.

Your interviews can include:

    • Podcasts 
    • Print
    • Radio
    • Social media

Influencer Relationships

Influencer relationships transform what you think about traditional public relations services. 

Influencer publicity is relatable to audiences on all social platforms, from Instagram to YouTube. Building relationships with industry influencers will give you access to your target audience in mass quantities. 

At AMPED we will handle:

    • Program setup
    • Research and identification 
    • Influencer outreach
    • Partnership on web content, social media, etc.
    • Revenue sharing 
    • Discount code configuration 
    • Determine product or service samples 
    • Monitor tracking and analytics

What would an AMPED Publicity Strategy achieve for you?